When the multiplier equals 2, the maximum amount you can buy is --, and your chance to win is --%.

The fee you paid for this lottery is 2.5FUN. If you win, the reward is --FUN.

Note: the fee rate is 2.5%.

Current address:

You can deposit FUN into this lottery pool and earn fees. But if lottery buyers win their rewards, you will suffer some loss together with the pool.

You can withdraw FUN at least one hour after your deposit.

Now the lottery pool has -- shares and each share equals -- FUN (totally FUN). You have -- shares in the pool (equaling -- FUN).



FUN is a token with infinite supply. Its address: 0xFE2de72a416F79058d682612a3af652Aa7d02555

If you are a $CATS holder, you can click here to mint FUN tokens which equal your $CATS balance (--). Till now, totally -- FUN have been minted.

Please let your wallet watch FUN.