When the multiplier equals 2, the maximum amount you can buy is --, and your chance to win is --%.

The fee you paid for this lottery is 0.01$CATS. If you win, the reward is --$CATS.

Current address:

You can deposit $CATS into this lottery pool and earn fees. But if lottery buyers win their rewards, you will suffer some loss together with the pool.

Now the lottery pool has -- shares and each share equals -- $CATS (totally $CATS). You have -- shares in the pool (equaling -- $CATS).



Who's behind Catsluck?

We are supporters of cashcats. People often ask what can we do with $CATS? So catsluck was born. You can bet and invest with $CATS now, and do more things in the future.

What is CLK?

CLK's address: 0x659F04F36e90143fCaC202D4BC36C699C078fC98

CLK is catsluck's exclusive token. CLK does not set a fixed upper limit. Before , users will get 1 free CLK every time he bets 1 $CATS. After that, the total amount of CLK does not increase. Till now, totally -- CLK have been minted. Please let your wallet watch CLK.

Does the development team reserve CLK?

Not at all. Absolutely fair distribution.

Where to trade CLK?

CLK/$CATS trading pair on benswap.

What is house edge?

The house edge is 2%.

1% is allocated to reward pool and another 1% is used to buy back CLK in circulation. Currently, there have been -- $CATS accumulated for buyback, which equals about -- CLK. Anyone can send a transaction to buy CLK with these $CATS and burn them. Till now, totally -- CLK have been bought back and burnt.

Future plans?

  1. Code Audit
  2. Support other tokens, such as BCH and various stablecoins
  3. Support DAO
  4. Add the "bet on any event" function. For example, people can predict what the price of BTC is going to be a month from now? Who will win the next U.S. presidential election? Who won the World Cup final? All CLK holders can act as judges and vote with their CLK.

Is it open source?

Yes. Check it here https://github.com/catsluck/catsluck.

Where can I find help?

Some users set up these channels:



You can try to ask question there. But the lazy developers are not in them.